Bulldog Health Center is dedicated to helping students, families, and the staffs of the Scott School District achieve the best health possible. Bulldog Health Center not only enables children with acute or chronic illnesses to attend school, but also improve their overall health and wellness through health screenings, health promotion, and disease prevention activities.

Bulldog Health Center provides a combination of primary care, mental health care, substance abuse counseling, case management, dental health, nutrition education, health education, and health promotion. An overall emphasis is placed on the services being age appropriate, with a particular focus on prevention and early intervention.

Mission Statement

“To eliminate gaps in health outcomes for all members of our community by providing access to quality, affordable, preventive and primary health care.”

Vision Statement

Health Partners of Western Ohio will continually strive to improve the health of our community by providing a patient-centered “health care home” that addresses the mind, body and spirit of our patients.

  • We will foster an atmosphere of care and compassion that develops a sense of community, promotes a healthy lifestyle and meets the health needs of our diverse population throughout their life.
  • We will continue to maintain a highly competent, diverse and multi-disciplinary health care team.
  • We will harness technology for the delivery of up-to-date primary and preventive health care services that deliver best practice outcomes, where patients participate in and direct their health care.
  • We will deliver services in a convenient and comprehensive manner that assure patients have access to care.
  • We will maintain a strong financial position and deliver services in a cost effective and efficient manner to ensure the organization is a good steward of federal, state and local resources.
  • We will collaborate with community partners in responding to the emerging health concerns of the community.